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Our Private Ballet Classes

Knightsbridge ballet Private 1 0n 1 ballet lessons available

Private Ballet Classes

Children learn best from teachers they like and are inspired by. Our classes are fundamentally based upon our ethos that we believe ballet is enjoyable, fun – and should remain so! That doesn’t mean ballet isn’t hard work, repetitive, challenging and disciplined! It will be – but by matching your child with the right teacher for them your child can have their own best learning experience.

Knightsbridge Ballet is the home of some exceptional Ballet teachers. All our teachers are professionals with plenty of teaching experience and many still dancing professionally in the industry.

We can offer classes at our Studios or in your home in person, or via Zoom.  We cater for all ages an abilities and can offer private 1 on 1 lessons or small groups.

No problem, the class will be tailored to your child’s abilities. Giving careful guidance making sure they get the most out of every lesson.

Has your child been away from ballet for a while and wants to join ballet again – but not with the ‘babies’? Perhaps your son or daughter stopped dancing at a young age, and wants to get back into dance. Let us know and we can tailor the right class for you.


Perhaps your son or daughter is an advanced dancer has a specific step they would like to perfect for an exam, or an audition for Ballet Associate or School? Let us help with their technique and their confidence.


Ballet is for ‘Everybody’! Don’t worry we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun. We also offer ballet for adults at all standards from beginners to professional.

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Knightsbridge-ballet Private 1 0n 1 ballet lessons available
Knightsbridge-ballet Private 1 0n 1 ballet lessons available
Knightsbridge-ballet Private 1 0n 1 ballet lessons available

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